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Mindfulness Coaching

Be a more genuine you & reach your true potential. In-person or Online

  • 30 minutes
  • LACUNA Yoga

Service Description

Beginning where you are, if you're an avid meditator or a "what is meditating?"-er, or somewhere in between (no judgement!), you will learn the steps to expand your awareness to your full potential. Imagine being in a stressful situation or in a scenario that brings you anxiety. Feel the sweaty palms and your heartbeat in your throat. Maybe your mind is scattered or repeating a story over and over in your head of how horrible this is. Now imagine yourself calm in that same moment. Feeling completely grounded, you respond in this situation as your genuine self. Maybe it's still hard, uncomfortable, undesirable. But you make it through... without that suffering. Mindfulness helps us achieve a calm within our own bodies and a peaceful approach to navigating our anxieties, fears, struggles... Not to fix ourselves, but to suffer less through the inevitable tough times... Resulting in improved performance, and being our true, genuine selves.

Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice must be given to reschedule an appointment.

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