The Yoga Posture You Can (and Should) Do Anytime, Anywhere, and Most People Won’t Notice


An increasing use of technology in our daily lives as well as many office jobs that have us in a chair and car for the majority of our days have created a poor-posture epidemic. This visible shoulder slouch causes overuse and over stretching of the neck and upper back muscles while underuse and semi-permanent contracting of the chest muscles. This inherently affects the low back, hips, hamstrings and, let’s face it, everything because you are every bit connected to every bit of you. Not everyone has the ability to prioritize enough yoga in their lives to combat such an epidemic, but there’s one yoga posture you can do every day to help alleviate discomfort and prevent major neck and back issues down the road.


The most effective tool to fight this common, upper body dilemma is one of the most basic, fundamentally innate yoga postures: Mountain Pose (Tadasana) otherwise known as “standing pose.”


Building mountain pose aligns your muscles, bones and anatomy to be in its perfect design. When in mountain pose, the body is positioned in such a way that gravity’s compressive force has less of an effect. Mountain pose’s dynamic, intricate alignment principles make it oh-so-beneficial and its simplicity makes it accessible, therefore, you can do it ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. Getting in the habit of practicing this posture throughout your day is the fastest way to feel and see a difference in your posture; enhancing your physical performance and appearance.


Bring yourself to a relaxed standing position and listen to the following instructions of the pose. Try to adjust your body as best you can as you listen. Note: every movement in this pose is incredibly subtle, most not noticeable by another person.


Do this pose while waiting for your coffee to brew or your lunch to heat up, standing in a queue at the grocery store, or waiting for a beer at the bar on game day.

Think you can’t do this sitting at your desk? Think again. Just work from your foundation wherever you are. From a seated position, start with feeling the sit bones ground down into the chair. Bring the pelvic bowl to neutral: tailbone down, etc. At the end, feel your sit bones ground into the seat to send your head a little bit higher. With each inhale, feel your heart lift, each exhale relax a little more into the pose.

So, the next time you’re in a meeting and see a guy or gal across the table look like they’ve got the weight of the world on their shoulders (sexy thought, huh?), use it as a reminder to straighten up. Just think through the alignment principles, make those small, subtle adjustments in your body, and feel the difference.

Quick reference:

1. Feet hip distance apart and parallel to each other, feel four corners of each foot grounding

2. Shins slightly forward, thighs back - quadriceps engage

3. Tailbone down, pelvic bowl to neutral

4. Low belly pulls in and up, ribs pull down and back

5. Side bodies lengthen, heart/sternum lifts

6. Lower tips of the shoulder blades pull towards the spine

7. Triceps wrap towards the body, palms rotate forward

8. Jawline draws back, aligning neck with the spine

9. Head reaches high, breathe

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