Benefits of Yoga

Peace of Mind - 
Yoga postures a
nchor the mind into the moment, allowing past and future to dissolve into the now, where no stress or worries can survive

Improved Coordination -
In the practice, we're given alignment cues of how to move the body in a very detailed way.  The mind must absorb the information and call on the appropriate body part to act. With time, this transfer of information becomes more refined and efficient.

Healthy Tissues -
When Muscles are tight, blood flow is restricted. Oxygen is carried to all areas of the body via blood. When muscles are moved through their full range of motion they relax, allowing blood and oxygen to flow freely, feeding the tissue. Compressions performed in certain postures act in the same way, feeding the organs and tissues fresh, oxygenated blood after the release. 

Core Strength - 
The muscles surrounding the spine and abdominal region are a major focus of the yoga practice. Every movement we make is initiated from this region. A strong core gives us stability and strength for any physical activity and creates a healthy spine.

Improved Posture -
Yoga encourages us to become more aware of our body in any position; on and off the mat. While sitting, standing, walking, and even lying down we are called to be conscious of the alignment of the body. By strengthening and taking the muscles through their full range of motion they are able to soften and relax, helping any subluxations or misalignments in the skeletal system to readjust and align.

Cardiovascular Health -
The heart rate will increase during the practice, putting positive stress on the heart, which creates strength and more efficiency in its function. With a stronger pumping heart, the blood will pulse more effectively throughout the body. Studies have show a regular practice can reduce blood pressure for this very reason.

Stronger Muscles -
The common misconception is that yoga is only about flexibility. The truth is that yoga develops dense, lean muscle, which more aptly supports the body and skeletal system, creating functional strength to sustain the daily rigors of any lifestyle.

Joint Capsule Care - 
Synovial fluid is found in most joints. This fluid lubricates the ends of the bones and makes movements smooth. Yoga moves the joints through their full range of motion encouraging a healthy production/stimulation of synovial fluid.

Detoxification - 
Through the process of heating the body and moving muscles through their full range of motion, toxins are released from the tissues of the body. If properly hydrated (before, during and after the practice), these toxins will be released through the elimination system.